Custom Fabrication

Custom Process

At Swantech, we offer comprehensive custom fabrication services, including CNC Plasma cutting, metal fabrication, welding, and machining. Our team of skilled fabricators are equipped to handle projects of all sizes. Get in touch with us for a free estimate.


Your Requests

  • Consult with the client to understand their specific needs and requirements
  • Discussing the intended use of the custom product, desired size and weight, and any specific functional requirements.
Design & Planning

Design & Planning

  • Blueprint design
  • 3D model of the custom products
metal bars

Material Selection

  • Select the appropriate materials for the products.
  • Choosing the right type of steel or other metal for the structure and components
  • Selecting any additional materials such as electrical components and controls.
metal grinding


  • Cutting and shaping the metal components
  • Welding components together
  • Machining any necessary parts
compact tractor grapple


  • Assembled into the final product
  • Installing any electrical components and controls
  • testing and adjusting the product to ensure it meets the client's specifications.
  • Final inspection