We make five different widths of grapples. The 2 smaller sizes are 45" and 55" to fit the compact and sub-compact tractors. The next 3 sizes, 65", 75", & 85" are a heavier duty version and come standard with 2 hydraulic cylinders. In saying that, we also do custom builds.

Typically a grapple is used for holding the load on the bucket. It is also a safety feature. If you lift the loader all the way and tip the bucket back, a grapple will prevent the load from leaving the bucket.

The grapple adds approximately 100lbs to your tractor. Most tractors can lift more than what they are rated for. If you are worried about having too small of a payload in your bucket because of the extra weight of the grapple, there is a solution. Most loads that require a grapple, such as tree and brush cleanup, don't weigh much. If you have a heavy load to carry, the grapple detaches in short order. Just 4 pins, and off it comes.

Up to a 2.5" diameter tree measured 6" up from the ground.

It weighs 600 lbs, and the rootball weighs 200 lbs. So the tractor needs to lift 800 lbs plus the weight of the fork attachment.