Summer Shade Trees

Swantech Industries

August 4, 2023

Summer is when I enjoy the shade that mature trees give. In a way it seems odd to head outside in the hot weather to find some shade under a shade tree. But one thing I have noticed about shade, it is a more comfortable temperature in the shade of a tree compared to the shade of a tent or tarp covering.

This makes me think of planting or transplanting trees. They say that the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The next best time is now. But did you know you can transplant your own summer shade tree now and you can gain ten years? There are many tree nurseries that will sell you a nice size tree. But how about those trees in the pasture or back yard that are nice but in the wrong spot? Or maybe the neighbor has some trees that they would rather mow down.

With a Kompact Tree Spade, moving trees has never been easier. Oh the joy of seeing a good sized tree right where you have always wanted one. Take a look around your yard and see where some trees would work. You can use these Tree Spades by some of the smallest compact tractors on the market today. Give Swantech Industries a call today to see how you can transform your yard.