The Most Effective Use Of Tractors

Swantech Industries

May 7, 2023

There are so many different models of compact tractors out there. What makes a good tractor? Often it comes down to personal preference. Most tractor dealers sell a lot of attachments for their tractors. But quite often it is hard to find the right attachment. Why would I be saying that? Let me explain.

I have a tractor with a loader, bucket and pallet forks. I needed to move some large square bales. Just a few. Should I buy a bale fork attachment? I opted for the pallet forks. Not just once either. After this went on for a while I decided it was high time to build a grapple for my tractor. Problem solved. Now I look for things to do with that machine. My Dad also did the same thing. First of all, he looked around to see if he could buy a small grapple for his sub-compact tractor. No-one made a grapple that size with the operating system he was looking for. So he built his own.

Continuing on with time, he started building and selling them. Now I build and sell these productive and versatile add-ons. They add amazing value to any tractor. Not every one sees the usefulness in a grapple. But those that put a grapple on never regret it. Head over to Swantech Industries to see the options for compact tractors.