36 inch Tree Spade
36 inch tree spade transplanting an oak tree
36 inch Tree Spade just finished moving a small pine tree
36 inch tree spade at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show

36″ Kompact Tree Spade

$11,995 cad . $9,495 usd


The Cadillac of Tree Spades – The 36″ KOMPACT TREE SPADE

Are you tired of seeing those trees of yours in the wrong spot but don’t know how to move them?  Introducing the 36″ Kompact Tree Spade – the ultimate solution for efficient and precise tree transplantation.


  • Fork Pockets (hook up with any tractor, loader, skid steer, using only pallet forks)
  • Dig any size of tree up to 3.5″ diameter (measured 6″ up from the ground)
  • Front spades swivel out with hydraulic power to accommodate larger trees.
  • Primed and powder-coated for enhanced durability.
  • Tough wear pads on sliding blades
  • Root ball width: 36″
  • Root ball depth: 30″
  • Tree Spade Weight: 875lbs
  • Approximate weight of tree with root ball: 300lbs
  • Blades made from high strength tempered steel
  • 2″ diameter cylinders with 32″ stroke
  • Greaseable pins
  • Extra hydraulic oil needed, approx. 10 liters.

Streamlined Efficiency

The Kompact Tree Spade is designed to streamline your landscaping projects. No more slow and laborious planting – this tough piece of equipment gets the job done. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a DIY enthusiast, this tool will revolutionize the way you work.

Versatile Compatibility

The fork pockets allow compatibility with any compact tractor, skid steer, mini-skid steer, tractor, payloader, or any other loader equipped with pallet forks and extra hydraulics. Now, one person can do the work of two, cutting labor in half. Save time and money while working independently with ease.

Built to Last

Constructed from 3/16″ tempered steel, the Kompact Tree Spade is built to withstand heavy-duty use. The blades are primed and powder-coated for additional durability. With a weight of 875lbs, this tree spade is both sturdy and reliable – perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Hydraulic Efficiency

The versatile design accommodates any hydraulic pump flow. The control valve, mounted conveniently on the side, features 5 manual levers to operate each spade independently. The #8 JIC hose ends make attachment to supply fittings a breeze (please note that supply hoses are not included).

Elevate Your Tree Transplantation Capabilities

Invest in quality with the Kompact Tree Spade. Precision, efficiency, and durability – this essential addition to your equipment lineup will transform the way you approach tree transplantation. Upgrade today and experience the difference.

Ease of Use: Equipped with fork pockets, made to insert pallet forks, this tree spade ensures secure handling and easy maneuverability. Move trees and shrubs effortlessly with precision.

Remember, the Kompact Tree Spade isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer for your landscaping projects. Invest wisely and elevate your results!


26″ Kompact Tree Spade also available.


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