Using a Tree Spade vs. Traditional Tree Planting:

Swantech Industries

June 7, 2024

Using a Tree Spade vs. Traditional Tree Planting:


When it comes to planting trees, you have two main options: using a tree spade and traditional tree planting. Each method has its unique benefits and considerations, so let’s break them down.

Time-Consuming Process

Traditional tree planting relies heavily on manual labor. You have to dig each hole, place the tree, backfill with soil, and make sure the roots are positioned correctly. This process can be quite time-consuming, especially for large projects with many trees. On the other hand, tree spades revolutionize this process. These hydraulic-powered scoops can quickly dig up and transplant trees, making them a game-changer for large-scale projects where you need to cover a lot of ground in less time.

Size Limitations

With traditional planting, you’re limited to what you can physically handle. Smaller trees are manageable, but handling larger, mature trees can be challenging. Tree spades, however, can handle a variety of tree sizes and types. If you want to create an immediate impact with larger, mature trees, using a tree spade is the ideal solution.

Root Disturbance

Manual digging often disrupts the tree’s root system significantly, leading to transplant shock and affecting the tree’s survival rate. Tree spades cause much less root disturbance. With reduced root shock, trees transplanted using spades are more likely to thrive.

Cost and Accessibility

While traditional methods may seem outdated, they have their strengths. They typically require less expensive equipment, making them more accessible for smaller projects. Traditional planting also offers more flexibility in planting locations. However, tree spades do require specialized machinery, which can be costlier. Yet, for large-scale projects or when transplanting mature trees, the investment is worthwhile due to increased efficiency and better survival rates.


In summary, both methods have their merits. Traditional tree planting is cost-effective and flexible, ideal for small projects with younger trees. Tree spade transplanting is efficient, faster, and suitable for large projects, allowing for the movement of larger trees with less root disturbance. When choosing between the two, consider factors like the scale of your project, your budget, tree size, and site conditions. Ultimately, the health and growth of your trees should guide your decision.